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Kid Crafts: Rosh Hashanah

Apple Stamped Fall Scarves or Tallitot

These brilliant apple stamps can be used on banners, card stamps, or on fabric cut into the shape of a scarf or a mini tallit. It’s a chance to explain what a tallit is and why they might see it in synagogue on the high holidays! Discuss “holy” clothing. Are there clothes that you wear that make you feel special? Recognize and be thankful we have clothing and shoes, unlike a lot of people in the world. If you have a tallit have your kid try it on. Ask: How do you feel? Protected? Take that idea with you into the New Year and wear your tallit if you go to synagogue for the high holidays.

Make a Mezuza
Find every kind of mezuza you could want to make from the Bible Belt Balabusta. (Including a Pezuza!) Discuss beginning the year with a symbol on your door. Explain what the mezuza is and what is inside of it. You can do the prayer together and practice it. Have kids write their own wish for the New Year inside, accompanying the Shema.

Brain Bubble
Draw a self-portrait or cut out a portrait photograph with little thought bubbles coming out. Write out one-word dreams for the New Year. Use magazines etc for collage.


New Year Cards (Vintage Style!)
It’s common to make cards for the New Year and send to friends and family. Try sending a card to your future self to see if you achieve your goals! Or make a card to people who are less fortunate to emphasize tzeddakah. You can use apple stamps for the cover or magazines for collage. I found these awesome Vintage RH postcards. Print them postcard size in black and white and kids can color them in with colored pencils and paste them onto cards or watercolor paper.


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